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Top new questions this week:

How can I make an NPC useful without overshadowing the player characters?

I play DnD 5th and I find my group often has many NPCs accompanying them, like 4 players and 4 NPCs. Most have some form of tie to the group, but few are actually as useful as the group members, as ...

dnd-5e gm-techniques npc  
asked by Squera 31 votes
answered by L.S. Cooper 33 votes

How powerful would an always-on Truesight ability be for a PC?

How powerful would an always-on passive ability or magic item or whatever else that could grant truesight to a PC be? Let's say 60 ft. to match the range of races with Darkvision. For reference, ...

dnd-5e homebrew balance vision-and-light  
asked by NathanS 28 votes
answered by BBeast 73 votes

With Jeremy Crawford taking over Acquisitions, Inc, will his rulings on the show be considered RAW?

Jeremy Crawford's published statements about the rules are considered Rules Canon for D&D 5e (except Adventurer's League, where they are not). During his stint as GM on Acquisitions ...

dnd-5e wizards-of-the-coast  
asked by MarkTO 28 votes
answered by Rubiksmoose 41 votes

Is a pregnant creature considered a single entity for spells such as Banishment?

Using the D&D 5e RPG system. We'll use a Brown Bear and the spell Banishment as an example. What, if anything, occurs when you attempt to cast such a spell on a creature that is currently ...

dnd-5e spells magic targeting  
asked by Mimics Everywhere 25 votes
answered by MikeQ 78 votes

How do the activity limitations for a long rest work in the Gritty Realism variant?

In my current campaign (in which I am a player) we are considering switching over to the Gritty Realism rest variant in the DMG so that the party would have to expend more resources between resting. ...

dnd-5e rests optional-rules  
asked by Rubiksmoose 23 votes
answered by András 22 votes

Can a Way of Shadow monk use Shadow Step to teleport from a cape's shadow?

For quick context, in a story about a group with special powers, there is a human with shadow-based magic, including teleporting between shadows. He uses this in the following escape-trick: He swirls ...

dnd-5e class-feature monk vision-and-light teleportation  
asked by Honore Shadeshield 22 votes
answered by Pyrotechnical 18 votes

Heavy Crossbow vs (unmodded) 5th level Eldritch Blast, which would be more reliable?

Which of these two would be more reliable at least in terms of consistently dealing damage? I'm not going to take the Agonizing Blast Invocation because I'm planning to take other Invocations, so I ...

dnd-5e warlock ranged-attack  
asked by user50690 20 votes
answered by Xirema 12 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where are the rules for using hit dice to heal in 5th edition?

I have read questions that allude to spending hit dice on healing in 5th edition, and seen twitch streams of games where this mechanic is employed, but have not been able to find it in the Dungeon ...

dnd-5e healing hit-points hit-dice  
asked by Lexible 12 votes
answered by mattdm 8 votes

How do multiple natural attacks work?

Okay, I need some clarification. The Pathfinder Core Rules state this about natural attacks: You do not receive additional natural attacks for a high base attack bonus. Instead, you receive ...

pathfinder attack natural-weapon unarmed-combat multiattack  
asked by Myorp 17 votes
answered by Simon Gill 15 votes

Two-Weapon Fighting & Bonus Action in 5e

During the latest gaming session our level 3 Rogue was Two-Weapon fighting with a Rapier in the main-hand and a scimitar in the off-hand. At the completion of our gaming session I contested the ...

dnd-5e rules-as-written actions  
asked by CapitalBoo 39 votes
answered by Strill 51 votes

Does Warlock combat just equal Eldritch Blast spam?

Been looking over the warlock because I thought it would be cool to make a spellcaster that can also mix it up in melee combat. After all how awesome is it to conjure up a magical weapon and start ...

spells combat dnd-5e warlock  
asked by Chryckan 58 votes
answered by András 38 votes

Purpose of spell attack modifier

In the 5e Player Handbook, the Wizard Class on page 114 defines a Spell Attack modifier, but the spells I have looked at all specify attack damage without using this modifier or mentioning it. I can't ...

asked by John Robertson 14 votes
answered by wax eagle 24 votes

How do I figure the dice and bonuses for attack rolls and damage rolls?

I'm building my character, a Half-Elf Ranger, and I'm a little confused about how to work out the attack bonus and the damage bonus. So, please tell me if I've got this right: I'm proficient with a ...

dnd-5e character-creation attack hit-dice  
asked by Jamie Brace 10 votes
answered by Tobias Fizzlewig 15 votes

Optimal Focused Fighter Builds in Pathfinder

Using just the core rulebook and the advanced player's guide, what would be an optimal build for a fighter using 25 points for point-buy character generation? Assume it's a level 10 fighter intended ...

pathfinder character-creation optimization  
asked by Maximillian 22 votes
answered by mxyzplk 19 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What is the necessary order of SR4/5 Seattle Missions and adventures?

Season 4 of Missions takes place in Seattle, and there are a number of common themes among those adventures. Some SR5 adventures seem to share or follow-up on some of those themes. Obviously it would ...

published-adventures shadowrun-sr5 shadowrun-sr4 shadowrun  
asked by mcv 2 votes

Is there a rule that allows me to fuse 2 NPCs?

I'm running Rise of the Runelords and, throughout the encounters, several major foes managed to run away. Specifically, Nualia Tobyn (an Aasimar Cleric 4/Fighter 2) and Lucrecia (a Lamia Matriarch). ...

pathfinder npc rise-of-the-runelords  
asked by mamar_sama 2 votes
answered by MikeQ 0 votes

Can a creature choose to squeeze into a space when not forced to do so?

In Pathfinder (not 2, and other systems for comparison would be interesting for comparison but are not the question)... Assuming you are large or larger, and expect a square you occupy to later be ...

pathfinder movement  
asked by Suni 4 votes
answered by Mouza -1 votes
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