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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible for a swallowed caster to cast Fireball outside of a Giant Toad?

I had a situation last week where my DM and I completely disagreed how the following situation should have been ruled: I'm a Circle of the Moon druid wild-shaped into a Giant toad and I had swallowed ...

dnd-5e spells targeting cover blind  
asked by Yuri Santos 35 votes
answered by Bash 5 votes

How would a player character pay for an item that costs less than 1cp?

For reasons too complex and stupid to go into, I've recently been looking at item values and the 5e currency system. As I understand it, 1pp = 10gp = 20ep = 100sp = 1000cp, which places 1cp as the ...

dnd-5e pricing economy  
asked by ocket8888 28 votes
answered by Xirema 76 votes

If a Gnome is riding a Dragonborn who is riding a horse, who can be targeted when the horse provokes an opportunity attack?

We have a gnome fighter and a dragonborn bard in our campaign. The gnome sometimes gets in a makeshift sling on the dragonborn's back to shoot arrows at enemies during combat. Thus far I've considered ...

dnd-5e combat opportunity-attack mount targeting  
asked by lightcat 26 votes
answered by Rubiksmoose 25 votes

Can an unconscious PC or NPC reject healing from a potion?

After examining the 5e PHB on healing (pg 197) and perusing through various healing spells, I have found no reference to willingness as a required component for HP to be restored. The context for this ...

dnd-5e healing potions  
asked by frog 26 votes
answered by NautArch 47 votes

What low-level arcane spells are directly relevant to combat where my spellcasting ability score doesn't matter?

I'm building a tough front-line Fighter maxed on CON and STR who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I'm going with no higher than INT 13 (which I intend never to increase, and would love to let ...

dnd-5e character-creation wizard fighter  
asked by MystMage 24 votes
answered by DuckTapeAl 35 votes

When a wildshaped Druid is affected by a Ghost's Horrifying Visage, which form ages?

So this came up in yesterday's game; the Druid, while Wildshaped into a dinosaur, rolled a 1 on his save against a Ghost's Horrifying Visage and then aged 20 years. There was some confusion about ...

dnd-5e monsters druid wild-shape aging  
asked by Erik 23 votes
answered by Theik 23 votes

What are the balance implications of allowing Forge Clerics to gradually create items worth over 100gp with multiple uses of Artisan's Blessing?

I am currently DM'ing a campaign, in which one of the PCs is a Forge Cleric. Artisan's Blessing lets Forge Clerics conduct a ritual to craft non-magical items worth no more than 100gp. Raw materials ...

dnd-5e class-feature balance house-rules cleric  
asked by Tiggerous 21 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is Con modifier × level added to HP every level-up?

I am new to D&D and I'm starting with the 5th edition. I have a question about how many hit points I have for a level. I am confused about the con modifier per level and if it is added to first ...

dnd-5e hit-points  
asked by thor337 18 votes
answered by Mag Roader 52 votes

What is the highest possible AC?

Assuming you are level 20, and have access to any magic item, how high can you get AC (permanently or for a set duration)? Constraints: Magic items are those on the tables in the D&D 5th ...

dnd-5e optimization armor-class  
asked by Dalamal 34 votes
answered by RedGeomancer 41 votes

How do I play a paladin without being a stick in the mud?

What are some tips for/examples of an epitome-of-good type paladin who does not disrupt the 'sinful' fun of the rest of the group? As an example of the type of paladin I'm talking about, one of the ...

pathfinder paladin  
asked by Zach 92 votes
answered by BESW 110 votes

What can I do about the guys being distracted by a new girl in D&D group?

We recently got a new party member, and she is ... well, extremely distracting if you catch my drift. As the DM it is frustrating, because all the guys are trying to flirt with her, and shower her ...

group-dynamics social gender teenagers  
asked by Hobo_warrior 65 votes
answered by Barker 11 votes

Evil Campaigns: How to explain the difference between being evil and being a jerk?

My friend has recently started running an evil campaign. His players are having serious difficulty telling the difference between comitting evil deeds and doing random things that are evil acts. ...

pathfinder gm-techniques evil-campaign  
asked by Maiko Chikyu 113 votes
answered by Ray 223 votes

Does the Challenge Rating of a monster assume a party or a single PC?

I'm reading through the new DM D&D Basic Rules, but I'm confused about the challenge rating of a monster. Does the challenge rating assume a single PC or a group of PC's? As a CR3 a challenge for ...

dnd-5e encounter-design  
asked by eirvandelden 27 votes
answered by GMNoob 42 votes

Is there a real use for the Medicine skill?

Does the Medicine skill have a hidden use I don't know about? All I can see in the rules is that it allows a successful skill roll to stabilize a dying character, which a healer kit does without a ...

dnd-5e skills healing  
asked by ProfessorZ 56 votes
answered by wax eagle 67 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can Dvati bards/war chanters sing multiple songs at once?

So I just found a fascinating race called Dvati, where each member is a single soul sharing two bodies. Each one shares the same build, they split their hitpoints between them, and they have several ...

dnd-3.5e races music  
asked by Poetically Psychotic 3 votes

State and status of an animal magically turned into a human

Let us suppose that we have a mundane animal - a cow, sheep or pig, and a Muto Animal Corpus spell is used to transform that animal from its natural form into the form of a human that is the ...

magic animal ars-magica-5  
asked by Monty Wild 1 vote

PF Paladin Oath of Vengeance: when does Powerful Justice expire?

The Oath of Vengeance's Powerful Justice replaces the paladin's normal Aura of Justice: Powerful Justice (Su) At 11th level, an oathbound paladin may spends one use of her smite evil ability ...

pathfinder class-feature paladin  
asked by S. Scheffler 6 votes
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