Timeline for Changing elements for spells

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Jun 13 '17 at 7:23 comment added Sean Dobbins @Doval this is true, except that the UA has introduced 3 arcane traditions (Theurgy, Lore Mastery, and War Magic) and I believe that Lore Master didn't make the cut either, partially because the Theurgy arcane tradition has had more time to be revised having been first introduced last year and was already revised once in the UA. I see the reason for backlash given what you stated, though some subclasses do give classes features that have applications similar to others. The questionable interactions with Spell Secrets is true, but that part could just be removed. I agree with the last part.
Jun 12 '17 at 13:27 comment added Doval Note: the upcoming book, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, will contain the UA subclasses that were deemed worth refining. The Wizard had 2 UA subclasses, but only 1 made the cut . I doubt Lore Master is the one; there was backlash over its abilities being too much like Sorcerer's, and Spell Secrets has some questionable interactions (e.g. changing Hold Person's save to Strength). A DM might take its failing to get into XGE as a sign that it's unfit for use.
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format quote; link UA PDF; note that it's a Wizard feature (implying multiclassing, I guess)
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