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Dec 9 '21 at 19:05 comment added Gandalfmeansme I'm confused by steps 3 and 4. In step three, how are you using Dream to make the target believe the dream is real? The text of the spell seems to suggest you can control the environment, but not the dreamer themselves (e.g. you can't just decide they are traumatized in the dream: they get a saving throw.) Are you intending that Modify Memory is used in step 3 as well as 4?
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Nov 22 '21 at 14:11 comment added Pyrotechnical Can you clarify why you believe this combination of spells would allow you to modify a long period of memories? Select quotes from the spells may also be helpful as both have a very extended description, so if specific language is the crux of your argument, it will be helpful to have that.
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