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Dual How are dual-Wielding Penalties D&D Nextwielding penalties applied?

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Dual-Wielding Penalties D&D Next

Regarding dual-wielding as outlined in the 2012-01-28 (latest as of posting) playtest packet for D&D Next; with two light weapons equipped – one in each hand – do both attacks made on a turn suffer the attack-2 penalty, or just one?

My confusion stems from their structuring of the sentences of the rules.

Two-Weapon Fighting: When you wield two melee weapons at the same time, you can attack with both of them using a single action, provided at least one of them is a light weapon. You take a −2 penalty to both attack rolls, and you use only the light weapon’s damage dice to determine its damage; you add no bonuses to it. If both weapons are light, only one of them is limited in this way (you choose).

Because the "take a … penalty to both attack rolls" and the "add no bonuses" penalties are in the same sentence which is followed by the condition stipulating that if both weapons are light only one weapon is affected. Thus is the condition only modifying the second of the two penalties – "add no bonuses" – or does it affect both?

Additionally if the player has taken the Dual-Wielding feat for their character and uses heavy weapons, do both of the penalties apply to the now two attacks made with their weapons or are they now equivalent to light weapons for the purposes of the penalties?