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How does the gift Two-World Eyes work in comparison to Dual Senses?

The Dual Senses rule allows a Werewolf to see across the Gauntlet with two penalties, firstly they cannot see clearly, the vision they get is blurred and fogged. The second penalty is of course not being able to see the side of the Gauntlet you're standing in. The only way you can see clearly is by an exceptional success, but you still cannot see the realm you're standing in.

By my understanding the Two-World Eyes gift mitigates both of these two penalties and improves on the capabilities of an exceptional success. The most notable portion of the gift is that you can see on both sides of the Gauntlet simultaneously. I believe the "without penalty" portion of the gift states that you can see clearly while using the gift. An exceptional success would then build on this allowing further increased perception by way of allowing scent or sound to be perceived as well.

My storyteller disagrees however. He states that Two-World Eyes still suffers the penalty of being unable to see clearly, and on top of that even an exceptional success will not allow you to see clearly across the Gauntlet, only allowing additional (likely also hampered) perception types. I was told that if I can find some sort of errata regarding this he would reconsider his stance. I have yet to find any errata relating to Dual Senses or Two-World Eyes.

Which interpretation is more accurate (or are both incorrect)? Does anyone know of an errata relating to one or both of these?