So, I know there are no rules for riot shields in the basic nor advanced Small Arms Combat rules. I'm wondering what supplement, if any, does contain rules and equipment for anti-ballistic shields.

The Special Weapons Data Supplement looks promising, but I don't own it and I can't find any information on its potential treatment of shields specifically, though it was marketed as:

This Special Weapons Supplement to the Phoenix Command Combat System contains all the necessary rules and data for a wide variety of unusual or distinctive weapon systems, included are:


  • Riot Control Gear, from Tear Gas to Plastic Bullets

Does this supplement, in fact, contain riot shields? If not, are there any supplements that do?


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I don't have the SWDS, but the Phoenix Command Hand-to-Hand Combat System does cover shields, and a riot shield would more or less be what it calls a "scutem".


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