Consider if a White Court Vampire uses Inhuman Recovery, Quickness, and Might in a scene. Used powers 2 + 2 + 2 = 6

At the end of the scene he makes a hunger check with his discipline 4. The dice show: [0] [0] [+] [–]. The result of this is 4 compared to 6 Attack Power Level, and they take 2 stress points for Hunger Stress.

Now the options are:

  1. Take 2 stress points at Hunger Stress Track + directly lose 2 points in the refresh powers or

  2. Take a mild Consequence (also worth 2 points)

But can this mild consequence of the hunger failure be healed by inhuman recovery?

I think it might be one of these cases:

  1. A Mild Consequence can be healed immediately by "Inhuman Recovery", which in turn would result in a new Hunger Stress check against the power 2, or

  2. Hunger Stress Consequences cannot be "healed" – the character has to feed one scene to regain this.

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Inhuman Recovery allows the recovery of a single physical mild consequence.

Feeding Dependency inflicts hunger consequences, not physical consequences.

The only way to restore those is going to be to either feed or make a successful discipline check so as to start recovery normally.


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