We play 'Loosely' in the D&D 3.5 system. I tend to create adventures on the fly, much of it is story driven in the world my players and I have fashioned over twenty years of play. So I use various computer tools to help me along in spots where something game mechanic-y needs to be rolled. Lately I am coming up short in the describing random object department for treasure.

My question is this

Is there a fairly good free resource for dungeon dressing and common object lists?

Not the "here are twenty things randomly rolled for you" but a comprehensive list near or over a hundred items long.

I have googled several times and come up lacking, so while that might be a suggestion unless you have found a decent quantity in your search I'll pass on the "just google it" comments, if that's okay.

I'll be making a table to randomly roll these things up in TableSmith.

Which I'd love to share with everyone once done, if that could be any incentive.


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A couple of tools I've made use of in the past:

Barrel, Crate and Sack Generator - Quick tool by wizards for random bags of supplies

John's Dungeons and Dragons Utilities - A simple website with a bunch of different tools for generating random stuff. Everything from objects and treasure to traps and names.


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