I've concluded this year's campaign, and I would like to collect feedback from my players (5 constant plus 5 more on/off) about my performance as a GM.

I didn't find any relevant QAs in RPG.SE

Online I only found a post in Giant in the Playground, which apparently offers three dimensions of rating:

  • Story - Do they create an interesting plot, and continue to reference interactions with NPCs?
  • Mechanics - Do they understand the rules, and if they homebrew rules, do they do it well?
  • Adaptability - Do they respond well to you changing the plot by out-of-the-box thinking, and changing the pace of the campaign?

The only other online resource I found was a post in Reddit (for self-evaluation) which went along the lines of:

  • Style: e.g. I am not a "rules guy" - I try to run my games as if they are a weekly TV show and my players are the stars.
  • Campaign: e.g. I use published adventures, but I have placed all of my games in the same homebrewed setting for many years of real life time.
  • Issues: e.g. The thing I find hardest is finding that sweet spot where everything clicks - often times my games are too easy or the story isn't quite grabbing them right.
  • Player Problem: e.g. I can't stand players who can't handle adversity. I've had grown men throw temper tantrums over a difficult encounter ("Who designed this?!" is their battle cry).

I would like to know if there is some more-to-the-point (and maybe more official or standardized) way to collect player feedback about their GM.

Fellow GMS: Which are the qualities of a GM's performance and how can we quantify them to capture Players' feedback?

I'm not sure there exists a correct answer to the question, but I still think it is an interesting one. Criteria for the best answer will be: most complete and justified with online authoritative material.


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