Starting at level 5, a magus can use her arcane pool to enhance a weapon she's wielding and add magic properties, including flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, shock and shocking burst.

The Weapon Evoker Mastery feat is an item mastery feat that increases damage dealt by magic weapon properties that deal extra energy damage by spending a swift action at the beginning of a round.

Can a magus use the Weapon Evoker Mastery to increase the damage dealt by magic properties she adds on a weapon via her arcane pool ?


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RAW, yes.

According to the Weapon Evoker Mastery feat you link to, the weapon must do energy damage. How it gets that damage is not mentioned.

As a GM, spending feat to get an extra 1d4 for an energy type that can be defended against while using a weapon with only a so-so BAB is not a game breaker.

Now, if they could get this going at 2nd level, I might raise an eyebrow. However, at 5th level, there are many ways of achieving similar results.


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