Within RAW, is there another way to qualify for the Treesinger's Plant Companions?


I'm aware of only one other option, the Supernaturalist Druid, which has the following feature:

Eldritch Botanist (Ex)

A supernaturalist can affect plants with mind-affecting effects she creates and with spells that normally affect animals. Any such spell that allows a Will save can instead be negated by the target plant with a successful Fortitude save at the same DC. She also can choose plant bond and green empathy, as a treesinger druid, in place of nature bond and wild empathy.

Bolding mine. It explicitly calls out the option of getting the plant bond feature from the Treesinger.

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Paizo has not published any option for non-treesingers to gain plant companions. The closest available is the Grow Plant Creature feat, but that is not the same thing at all.

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The hunter archtype plant master from ultimate wilderness gains a plant companion, but it can't choose from the treesinger list (I THINK)

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