I was thinking of creating PCs with combinations of the PO Classes.


  • Eladrin Sha'ir/Elementalist - Psion
  • Vrydka Binder/Blackguard - Vampire
  • Halfling Rogue/Executioner

Are there any published or tested and balanced homebrew Hybrid Classes and Multiclass Feats of the PO Classes that I could use?


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Many of the final classes that were published never received hybrid classes or multiclass feats.

With the exception of the Hybrid [shadow] Assassin (Dragon 385) and the Hybrid Executioner (Dragon 400), all published hybrid classes are found in either Player's Handbook 3 or Dragon 402. No hybrid classes were ever published for the Elementalist or Sha'ir.

The same is largely true for multiclass feats. Dragons 400 & 402 have the multiclass feats for most of the post-PHB3 classes that ever got multiclass feats. After that, any class that didn't get a multiclass feat in the book it was published in (like the Sha'ir and Elementalist) doesn't have one.


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