This skill is listed in the Rolemaster Office character builder software under the Martial Arts - Combat Maneuvers section, but I cannot find it ANYWHERE. Is it the same as Adrenal Defense (but slightly cheaper to buy for Monks/Warrior Monks)?


Adrenal Evasion is found in the RMSS Martial Arts Companion (1997) on pg 28 in the Skills section under the subheading 7.5 - Martial Arts.Combat Maneuvers.

This skill is from RMSS, which ICE quit supporting in 1999 in favor of the "simplified" RMFRP. I am not sure why it would be in the Rolemaster Office character builder software, which is supposed to be for the RMFRP.

NOTE: Adrenal Evasion is distinguished from the similar RMSS skill Adrenal Deflecting by the fact that Evasion is an outright dodge of an attack, while Adrenal Deflection uses the body, a weapon, a shield or some other object to deflect or even catch an attack. The similarity between the names in Adrenal Defense and Adrenal Deflecting in the old version confused out group a couple of time. I speculate that this might have driven the name change.

In the RMFRP system they changed the name of Adrenal Evasion skills to Adrenal Defense. (Adrenal Deflecting still exists under the same name.) This skill as described in the School of Hard Knocks: The Skill Companion (2000) on pg 24 can be used to dodge an attack.

My thinking is that the developers are old school Rolemaster players, made a typo, and crossed the two systems. You are probably OK using Adrenal Evasion as Adrenal Defense, but I would ask the developers of the character builder to be sure.

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It's not the same as Adrenal Defense. See below (From http://skippern.github.io/iRoleMaster.help/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/skills.html)

Adrenal Evasion

Category: Martial Arts • Combat Maneuver

Optional Stats Used: Special

Exhaustion Points Cost: N/A

Distance Multiplier: N/A

Occupational Skill: N/A

Lifestyle Skill: N/A

Everymans Skill: N/A

Standard Skill Default

Restricted Skill N/A

From Martial Arts Companion

This skill provides a bonus for evading a single attack by using a tumbling maneuver. To determine the effect of such an attempt, roll (open-ended) and add the Adrenal Evasion skill bonus. Then refer to the Maneuver/Movement Table. T-4.1, in the Rolemasier Standard Rules, using the "Hard" column against melee and thrown weapons and the "Extremely Hard" column versus missile weapons. If the result is a number, it is subtracted from the attack's roll (in addition to the normal DB). The skill rank (not the skill rank bonus) is added to the tumbler's DB for all other attacks. The Adrenal Evasion skill is rolled for during the round it is actively used and it requires 60% activity action.

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