In an upcoming campaign that starts at level 12 and that has PCs start with typical wealth for a PC of that level I'd like to play a wizard whose specialty is the various symbol spells. What classes and prestige classes, feats, traits, and magic items should my PC have to be a symbol-tossing wizard that's effective both economically (those symbol spells are pricey) and in combat?


  • The campaign setting is the underdark of the Forgotten Realms.
  • 20 point-buy for ability scores.
  • Other PCs include a rogue specializing in the Intimidate skill, a lore warden fighter specializing in dirty tricks, a juju oracle specializing in necromancy, and an inquisitor specializing in archery. My PCs alignment isn't important for getting along with this group—they're all over the alignment map.
  • Material from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e is acceptable. Third-party Pathfinder material is also acceptable.
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The only thing that immediately comes to mind is the Geometer prestige from Complete Arcane. You probably also want to pick up the Etch Schema feat as well from Eberron for the unique cost savings rules associated with it in addition to checking out the cost reduction handbook.

The handbook is so extensive, that it exceeds the scope of this answer. (Please note that the link is to an old version of the handbook, and does not contain the final edits or additions.)

The advantage to the Etch Schema feat is that it is produces a minor schema: basically a once-per-day 1st through 6th level scroll that doesn't get destroyed after use and has no arcane spell failure chance. I'm sure that the advantages of an effectively infinitely reusable scroll, even if it is only once per day, for item creation purposes or, say, a symbol user should be self-evident. Especially if you make more than one.

Watch out of AoOs or distractions during activation, though.

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