I'd like to add the Terror Template to PcGen for my players to pick. I do not understand the file format and can't finde the template editor tool advertised. Any help is appreciated.


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Disclaimer: There are probably multiple ways of defining abilities and templates in PCGen. The solution below is the one I implemented and tested.

First, define the Terror creature's special abilities. The ability descriptions below are based on the wording of the Terror Creature template. In PCGen definition syntax, each gets its own line. Also note the tab separation before each capitalized keyword - that is intentional.

Negative Energy Absorption KEY:Terror Creature ~ Negative Energy Absorption CATEGORY:Special Ability TYPE:SpecialQuality.Supernatural DESC:Heals 1 hit point for every 3 points of damage that negative energy attacks would otherwise deal; a terror creature gets no saving throw against negative energy effects.

Immunity to Fear Effects CATEGORY:Special Ability TYPE:SpecialQuality.Extraordinary.Immunity DESC:You are immune to fear effects. ASPECT:Immunity|Fear Effects

Fear Aura KEY:Terror Creature ~ Fear Aura CATEGORY:Special Ability TYPE:SpecialQuality.Supernatural.Aura DEFINE:TerrorFearAuraDC|0 DESC:20 Ft., as Fear spell, DC %1|TerrorFearAuraDC BONUS:VAR|TerrorFearAuraDC|10+(HD/2)+CHA

I put these 3 lines in the default homebrew file my_homebrew\my_abilities.lst.

Second, define the template itself. Fortunately, Darkvision is already defined for us, as well as the alignment kit (1) that changes the alignment (rather than requiring a prerequisite alignment):

Terror CR:0 BONUS:VAR|DarkvisionRange|60|TYPE=Base ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Immunity to Fear Effects|Terror Creature ~ Fear Aura|Terror Creature ~ Negative Energy Absorption KIT:1|NE

I put this line in the default homebrew file my_homebrew\my_templates.lst.

Finally, when you load your sources, include the source for your homebrew content. Then, when creating a new creature sheet, go to the Templates tab. Scroll down and select "Terror", then hit the "Add Template" button. And that's it! The changes should be visible on the Character Sheet tab.


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