I want to create a character who is dragon slayer. And I kinda want a deity to worship and use as "assistance" when killing dragons.

So is there any deity that is against dragons and also within good or neutral alignment in the Forgotten Realms?



Bahamut is the explicit rival of all Evil Dragons in the realm, as they are the servants of Tiamat.

Bahamut began preparing for the resurrection of the Dragonfall War as Tiamat had regained her status as lesser deity thirteen years prior

Hell, he's even recruiting.


Giants are traditional enemies and rivals of dragons, and spent a thousand years fighting them. The giant pantheon would be keen to strike down hostile dragons, and keep other dragons in their place. One possible patron might be Hiatea, goddess of hunting. (Shhh! I'm hunting dwagons!)

It's unusual, but not unknown, for 'small folk' to worship giant deities. Whether a smaller humanoid would get much aid in exchange is a matter of celestial politics.


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