The Supercharge description says:

"At 11th level, when using gather power as a move action, a Kineticist can reduce the total burn cost of a single wild talent by 2 points instead of 1. When using gather power for 1 full round, she can reduce the burn cost of a single wild talent by 3 points instead of 2."

Does this work the same way as the original mechanic of Gather Power, meaning the Kineticist can combine a full-rd action and a move action (the following rd) to reduce the cost of a talent by (3 + 2 =) 5?


Supercharge only changes the reduction amount of Gather Power, and does not modify anything else about the way it works. So, yes, you can combine, and take a Full Round plus a Move action Gather Power to reduce the cost by 5 all up.

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