I have a Dragonborn Druid character in the works, and I was wondering if I can use my breath weapon while transformed by Wild Shape. Like, if I'm in the shape of a dire wolf, can I still shoot a 15 foot cone of fire? I started playing about a month ago, so whatever edition was the newest back them, is the edition that I play.



Per Jeremy Crawford on Sage Advice:

Q: Could a dragonborn druid use breath weapon while wildshaped into, like, a wolf?

A: The dragonborn's Breath Weapon trait requires exhalation. No anatomy is specified. Does your beast form have a mouth? You can exhale.


Jeremy Crawford gave his input on the question over on Sage Advice:

Do Dragonborn Druids retain breath & resist in Wildshape? Can a caster use 2 spells in surprise round with the ready action?


"I would allow a dragonborn druid to retain those traits in beast form."

Given this, I would say that you can do it.


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