How do you calculate Resolve Points when Multi-classing?

The standard is half PC's level (minimum 1) + Class Key Ability mod (EX: Operator's Dex mod).

Our GM had us make level 5 PCs and I chose to multi-class to Operator 3 and Technomancer 2. How do I calculate his Resolve Points? Is it half level (minimum 1) + Class Key ability per Specific class,

EX Lv 5 Operator 3 (Dex 16/+3), Technomancer 2 (Int 18)

Lv 3 Operator = 1/2 Lv + 3 = 4

Lv 2 Technomancer = 1/2 Lv + 4= 5

PC Lv 5 = 9 Resolve

or total level using the first class a primary?

EX Lv 5 Operator 3 (Dex 16/+3), Technomancer 2 (Int 18)

Lv5 = 1/2 Lv + Dex mod +3 = 5 Resolve points

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Use your full character level and better key ability score.

Calculate separately, or together? From SCR p. 22 (emphasis added):

You have a number of Resolve points equal to half your character level (rounded down, but minimum 1) + the modifier of your key ability score...

OK, but what do I use for key ability score? From p. 27:

It's important to keep track of which effects and prerequisites rely on a character level versus class level... A multiclassed character can have more than one key ability score... For any key ability score calculation not tied to class, such as determining your maximum Resolve Points, use whichever key ability score has the highest value (and therefore the highest modifier).

So it's actually neither of your suggestions - you use the total character level/2 (2), plus your best key ability score (Int +4), for a total of 6 Resolve Points. This makes sense, as an Operator 4 with Dex 16, Int 16 (5 RP) who multiclassed to Op 4/Technomancer 1 would otherwise have 9 RP - a substantial and uncalled-for bonus over the schlub who went to Op 5 and remained at RP 5.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Aside: I used "SCR" as an abbreviation because "Starfinder Core Rulebook" is what it says on the front page, but I don't know if that's the convention that will take hold. Looks like we'll have to wait for starfindersrd.com to go live on 8/31 and have a peek at their "Abbreviations" section. \$\endgroup\$ Aug 22, 2017 at 22:55

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