Distance Thrower (Combat) (From d20PFSRD)

You are accurate with thrown weapons at longer ranges than normal.

Prerequisite: Str 13.

Benefit: With a thrown weapon, you reduce your penalty on ranged attack rolls due to range by 2.

I understand the thrown weapons have range increments up to 5x the weapons range. EX: Dagger 10 feet max range 50 feet at -8 to attack roll

You get a -2 penalty for trying to reach a target beyond the first range increment EX: Dagger 20 feet at -2 to attack roll

Is Distance Thrower's penalty reduction for the first range increment that you are penalized?

EX: Dagger with Distance Thrower feat

  • Dagger 10 feet with Distance Thrower no pen
  • Dagger 20 feet with Distance Thrower no pen
  • Dagger 30 feet with Distance Thrower -2
  • Dagger 40 feet with Distance Thrower -4
  • Dagger 50 feet with Distance Thrower -6

Or is the penalty reduction per range increment?

Thus Dagger can be thrown 50 feet at no penalty.


Normally thrown weapons can be thrown upto 5 range increments with -2 for each one past the initial. So thats 0 (0-20 feet)/-2 (21-40 feet)/-4 (41-60 feet)/-6 (61-80 feet)/-8 (81-100 feet).

The feat changes that to 0/0/-2/-4/-6.

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