Could a demon use "Partitioned Memory" in turn 1. -from DSG --Partitioned Memory allows the demon to perform two mental actions.

Then use "The Look" on the same turn as using "Walls of Jericho"? -both from FoH --The Look - Vocal embed / --Walls of Jericho - Exploit

I would think so as the TL and WoJ don't require any physical movement.


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As discussed in Can a Demon manifest 2 embeds while using the Partitioned Memory Embed?, this is a bit more of a gray area in terms of the rules.

As such, I don't have any book references, and I have no personal experience STing this in a game.

However, as a personal call, I would say yes, because their effects aren't stacking. The immobilized person can't benefit from cover; and the people having cover taken away aren't immobilized.

Your ST (or you, as an ST) may well disagree.


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