Frightful aspect is a 8th level spell :

You also emit an aura that emanates 30 feet from you. Enemy creatures within the aura are shaken. Each time a creature shaken by this aura hits you with a melee attack, that creature becomes frightened for 1d4 rounds, though at the end of that duration it is no longer affected by this aura. The aura’s effect is a fear and mind-affecting effect.

It doesn't say you can make a save to avoid either conditions.

There is no possible save ? Or does it work like the frightfull presence aura ?

Frightful Presence (Ex) This special quality makes a creature’s very presence unsettling to foes. Activating this ability is a free action that is usually part of an attack or charge. Opponents within range who witness the action may become frightened or shaken. The range is usually 30 feet, and the duration is usually 5d6 rounds. This ability affects only opponents with fewer Hit Dice than the creature has. An opponent can resist the effects with a successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the frightful creature’s racial HD + the frightful creature’s Cha modifier; the exact DC is given in the creature’s descriptive text). An opponent that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to that same creature’s frightful presence for 24 hours. On a failed save, the opponent is shaken, or panicked if it has 4 Hit Dice or fewer. Frightful presence is a mind-affecting fear effect.


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There is no save, it always works

Since the spell doesn't mention a saving throw, creatures affected don't get one. They are automatically shaken/frightened unless they are immune to such conditions.

In general, spells either use an attack roll or a save, and if they don't use either then the effect is minimal. In this case you are using a level 8 spellslot to give a -2 to attack rolls, saving throws, and some other stuff. Compared to other level 8 spells (Like Fire Storm or Anti-Magic field) this is not very significant, and most of the value of Frightful Aspect comes from the bonus to Strength and the DR and SR.


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