Aura of Chaos, Perfect Order, Triumph, Tyranny: Can you use them as a crusader without being of the said alignment?


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All the following quotes are from the Tome of Battle:

Most of these descriptors have no game effect by themselves, but they govern how a maneuver interacts with other maneuvers, powers, spells, or abilities.

This would indicate that, unless the stances in question say otherwise, the alignment descriptors have no game effect.

In addition to meeting the class and level requirements before you can learn a maneuver, you must meet a certain set of requirements to be able to choose that maneuver as one you know. Stances are considered maneuvers for the purpose of meeting a prerequisite to learn a new maneuver.

We can assume from this that, unless alignment requirements are listed in the description of the stance, it is permissible to use them, regardless of your alignment.

From every one of the four stances mentioned:

Level: Crusader 6

Prerequisite: Two Devoted Spirit maneuvers

Initiation Action: 1 swift action

Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

Nowhere in the stances' descriptions or the prerequisites does it say you must be of a given alignment to use them. While there are a set of strikes that have an alignment requirement, those strikes themselves are not a prereq for these stances, and thus their alignment requirements do not carry over.

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So the “aura” stances are a “cycle” of apparently-aligned maneuvers in the Devoted Spirit discipline. That discipline has one other similar cycle, of strikes. Those strikes include, in their prerequisites, the corresponding alignment along with the usual bit about requiring other Devoted Spirit maneuvers, e.g. law bringer has “Prerequisite: One Devoted Spirit maneuver, lawful alignment.”

The aura cycle is missing this prerequisite, but the general consensus seems to be that they should have it. Since Tome of Battle’s errata is actually an errata of Complete Mage, we are left without official word on the matter, but in all the games I’ve run, played, and discussed, those maneuvers were treated as aligned and no one brought up (or, likely, even noticed) that the maneuvers lack the prerequisite.

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