The spell animate dead creates a mindless skeleton. The spell create undead creates ghouls and stronger. But what feat, magic item, or spell allows the creation of a skeletal champion?

I am the GM. My players may witness a scene in which a skeletal champion is created, but what must the NPC wizard do to actually create such an intelligent adversary for the melee types?

This thread led me to this link on my mobile device. I don't have Undead Revisited, but from what I read on the forums, it contains the canonical answer from Paizo, and Revisited agrees with d20pfsrd. Do I have that right?


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All you need is Create Undead (cleric/wizard 6), and either Enervation (wizard 4) or Energy Drain (cleric/wizard 9). This can be seen on Undead Revisited (page 3), which has an updated table on Creating Undead. For convenience, here is a copy of said table:

Create Undead

Which means the table on the SRD is up-to-date, and as far as I can tell, also correct.


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