The marksman edge says

The hero excels at taking controlled, measured shots. If he does not move in a turn, he may fire as if he took the Aim maneuver. Marksman may never be used with a Rate of Fire greater than 1. Marksman works with both Shooting and Throwing. <

If you have a pistol with ROF 1 in each hand can each shot benefit from the edge, or is that considered ROF 2?

Our group can't agree. IMO based on this edge, it doesn't.. you need this edge for each gun to benefit.

Pistolero Requirements: Veteran, Marksman, Two- Fisted, Shooting d10+ The gunslinger with this Edge can fire two weapons with accuracy or speed. He can use Marksman against two separate targets or he can fire double-action pistols as if they had RoF 2. All Automatic Fire rules are applied (–2 to Shooting and uses two bullets per attack).<


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Marksman can be used with two pistols as long as you are shooting at the same target. See here for official confirmation of this.

As long as both are fired at the same target. A character can't Aim (the bonus Marksman provides) at more than one target.

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The Pistolero Edge extends this by allowing you to use Marksman against two different targets, or one target with ROF 2 as noted in its description.

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