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Where can I find other RPG players?

I would like to start an AD&D group at my local library. But how do I start one? How do I spread the word? Any help would be appreciated.

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Three factors come to mind for me:

  • Arrange for a place/time to play.
  • Spread the word among your friends.
  • Spread the word online.


First you'll want to make sure the library is ok with you meeting there for a game. Many libraries have rooms available for groups to meet, but they might be limited in purpose, and they'll certainly be limited in times that they're available. Check with the library directly for more details.


Talk to your friends and see if anyone's interested in playing D&D. If they're interested in the idea, but not available, have them pass the word along to their friends. You probably know a lot of people, and those people know a lot more people. Make use of Facebook for this part.


If your social network doesn't do the trick, try looking online. Meetup.com has a good reputation for getting people together, though I've never tried it myself. If you're in a major metropolitan area, there's probably someone with a site online for gamers in your region -- Google is your friend for this.

If you do end up getting people together from online, try and have at least one person you already know present at the game. It's a lot easier to get everyone on the same page when one of them is already there.

And once you've gotten a group together, update your post and tell us what worked. If you have this question, someone else will probably have it in the future.


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