One of my friends sent me a message asking to join my game. I told him i would run him through a game but i never tried running a game with a single person before.

Should i make the combat encounters so that they play to his strengths or would it take away the realism?

My group moved from Spain to France and they had a party member who translated for them. Currently i am thinking of him finding a translator along the way but it feels a bit forced so does anyone have a better idea to make his character be able to get through france without knowing a single french word?

In Sorcerer people use their willpower to cast their spells but without a party every encounter would cost three willpower due to spells being cast. Is there an alternate rule somewhere i can use to let him not run out of willpower after the second encounter?

Is there an item i can give him that will prevent hunters from detecting his presence? It is Charlemagne period and i don't want him to encounter a hunter on his own.

He is planning to play as an alchemist and i want to know if there are any potions i can advise him that are useful in combat?

Should i have him meet a few people going to France as well so that he has meat shields to hide behind or is there a solution that feels less artificial? I feel like he needs them as physical is his tetriary attribute.


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