On page 75 of the black crusade core rulebook it states

Checking Alignment

Whenever a Heretic earns 10 Corruption Points (in other words, when they hit the thresholds of 10, 20, 30, and soforth), they check Alignment. This means they compare how many Advancements they have purchased that are affiliated with each Chaos Power. If they have changed Alignment (by having fi ve more advancements dedicated to any one Chaos Power than any other), then they switch their Alignment to the God in question.

Is "unaligned" considered to be a chaos god/power in on itself, and thus requires to have 5 more advances than in any other in order to be unaligned? I've been searching the internet and found couple of forum answers, but I am not sure if they are correct.


"Unaligned" means you are not aligned with a particular Chaos god.

There is a mention about the Chaos powers in Black Crusade - Core Rulebook, Chapter 1, page 12:


One of the four great Chaos powers is Nurgle.

So there are only four Chaos powers.

There is also a special mention in Chapter 2, page 88:

Keeping A Character Unaligned

Heretics that wish to remain unaligned must be careful to balance their selections of Talents. While they may choose any Talents for which they meet the prerequisites, they should avoid over-specialising in any path associated with a specific Ruinous Power. If they choose to accept a disproportionate number of talents or Traits that are tied to a single deity, they instead become associated with that Dark God’s path. As a consequence, they move from being unaligned and become a devotee of that god.

So if you balance your selection, meaning you don't have 5 more advancements dedicated to any one Chaos God than any other , you are unaligned.

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