One of the Tumble skill's skill uses is

Tumble at one-half speed through an area occupied by an enemy (over, under, or around the opponent) as part of normal movement, provoking no attacks of opportunity while doing so. Failure means you stop before entering the enemy-occupied area and provoke an attack of opportunity from that enemy. Check separately for each opponent. Each additional enemy after the first adds +2 to the Tumble DC. (Player's Handbook 84)

(Emphasis mine.) The DC for this skill use is typically 25. However, a typical creature that's blinded can't make attacks of opportunity, its foes having, effectively, total concealment with regards to the creature. Is this use of the Tumble skill under such circumstances addressed somewhere? That is, is the Tumble skill check's DC the same to get through a blinded foe's square(s) as it is to get through the square(s) of a foe that can see?

Note: The hex dragon's glitterdust spell blinded the equiceph that was blocking the passage. The speedy scout wanted to jam through the blinded equiceph's space to attack a different equiceph. The table was momentarily dumbfounded, thinking the equiceph's blindness should have at least some impact on this Tumble skill use. I ruled that it was, instead, a Tumble skill check (DC 15) to get through the blinded equiceph's square, but now I'm wondering if this is a house rule that should stand or if the rules actually address this situation.

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You still need to roll but you won't take the AOO if you fail. But you will stop moving.

You can’t move through a square occupied by an opponent, unless the opponent is helpless.

A blinded opponent is not helpless, so you must tumble past.


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