All armors within the game of Planet Mercenary sport some degree of Damage Reduction, which reduces incoming damage.

Damage Reduction: Each time you suffer damage while wearing the armor, reduce the damage by this amount. Some attacks may have the ability to ignore Damage Reduction.

Some armor also has Hull Points

Some of the heaviest armor also provides you with 1 Hull Point (Hull) of protection. This is equivalent to the lightest raw protection on a space vessel, and it blocks all physical damage until an enemy frst punches through that layer (some exceptions exist to this rule, as noted for various attacks). An attack that inflicts any amount of hull damage destroys a suit of armor, including one offering one or more Hull Points of protection. In a suit of armor offering hull protection you can withstand a single attack that inflicts hull damage, but afer that the armor is destroyed and you’re effectively not wearing armor at all.

This armor also has Damage Reduction, despite that any weapon that doesn't do Hull damage doesn't do any damage and a weapon that does Hull damage totally destroys the armor. So, where does the DR come in?


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The Errata for the product provides some guidance:

Armor has damage reduction listed even when it also has hull points, because some weapons bypass armor defense, thus requiring a simulation of armor adding "extra health" and the ability to "reduce damage", all in one package.

Alan Bahr, the designer, says that while there is no weapon that currently bypasses Hull Points but targets DR, they reserve the right to add in such a weapon later, so they wanted to establish what would happen in that case.

Alan's response, transcribed below

The intent here is this:

Hull Points block all damage.
Eventually we might release a weapon quality that "ignores Hull Points", but we still want Armor Reduction to apply. In order to accomplish that, we preemptively included this text.

As of now, there are no rules that Ignore HP awhile allowing Armor Reduction to apply. It's all or nothing.

If your Armor has HP, you can't be hurt until a weapon does 1 HP worth of damage. Once that happens, your armor is trashed and you get no benefit from it. Armor Reduction doesn't apply.

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