What does the "+1" in some weapons' shots mean?

Take the .45 SMG - it has "50+1(5)" listed under its shots. I know what the "50" and "(5)" mean, but what is the deal with the "+1"?


It means you can have an additional round in the gun's chamber, in addition to a full magazine. If this is explained in the Basic Set I can't find it, but it is on p. 79 of GURPS High-Tech:

Shots: Weapons that can load an additional round directly into the chamber (p. 88) have a “+1” appended to Shots.

This is noted as an addition to the statistics in the Basic Set. The terminology seems to be used to some extent in the real-world firearms community, since I've encountered it in a Forgotten Weapons video on YouTube. I've reported it as errata against the Basic Set.


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