I recently got a Spellslinger boon in PFS, so I set out to build one. As Spellslingers give up FOUR whooping Schools plus their Arcane Bond to get their Arcane Gun ability, I thought to build a blaster caster.

So, I need at least Precise Shot to cast through the gun, which means either two feats, or a dip in Far Strike Unchained Monk (good for +1 BAB, Improved Unarmed Strike and saves, though), and I also need Rapid Reload if I expect to be able to shoot and move, so that's one more feat.

On top of that, I also need to take usual feats such as Spell Focus: Evocation, Mage's Tattoo: Evocation, Greater Spell Focus: Evocation, and some metamagics, for instance Dazing Spell, Reach Spell or Rime Spell.

I had been eyeing Crossblooded Sorcerer to get the Marid and Draconic (White) bloodlines, so I can switch any blast spell to cold damage for Rime Spell cheesing, but progressing as a Crossblooded Sorcerer with a dip on Far Strike Monk is horrid since I get 2nd level spells at level 6.

I also looked at progressing as a Blood Arcanist, since I would be able to get one Bloodline, presumably Arcane, for Arcane Bonding my gun so I can upgrade it at half price (gun enhancement bonus is VERY important for Spellslingers).

Lastly, I also thought to progress as a Druidslinger, as the druid is a full caster (which wouldn't penalize me with another level of caster progression delay, as Sorcerer or Arcanist would) and I hear they have pretty good Evocation spells.

Eldritch Archer Magus is not on the table, as though I would love to build one, it's banned in PFS.

What would the best class for me to progress as? How can I be an effective blaster caster through my gun?

Please, refer only to PFS-legal material.


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