There's lots of fun stuff in earlier editions, like 3 variants of Excalibur and rainbow armor... How can I convert that stuff to 5th edition?

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Wizards of the Coast did release a guide to convert the mechanical side of items, races, classes and monsters.

For items it reads:

Equipment should be swapped for fifth edition equivalents. The DM handles the conversion and distribution of gear that isn’t in the Player’s Handbook.

For the DM: Equipment Conversions

As DM, you can allow characters to retain any gear and loot with which you are comfortable. Swap magic items for fifth edition equivalents. The rules in the “Starting at Higher Level” section of chapter 1 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide are a fine way to establish a character’s starting wealth and gear in a fifth edition campaign. In most cases, the high magic option is the best choice for representing treasure distribution of previous editions.

For mundane equipment, most such gear converts easily, since it has pragmatic (and narrative) effects rather than broad mechanical ones. Use existing equipment as guides, and when necessary, create mechanics appropriate to fifth edition. Remember to use advantage instead of flat bonuses. Also, try to limit mechanical effects to at or below those of common magic items.


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