How many Garou are out there according to the canon of Werewolf: the Apocalypse?

I'd like to get as precise data as possible, possibly with a tribal breakdown, from any edition of the game, with source specified, please. I do realize there may not be hard data available: in this case I'd like to get the best estimate available out there. The geographic region I'm most interested in is the U.S. (Louisiana, specifically), but any data from which I could reasonably extrapolate would help a lot.


I've had a look through both 1st ed (WW3000, published 1991) and 2nd ed (WW3600, 1994) of the W:TA core rules and I can't find any figures on Garou population. There is lots of flavour text about their population declining, and how they'll be extinct soon, but no actual numbers that I could spot on skimming through.

The books do say this, if it helps:

  • WW:TA 1st edition - Lupus account for as little as 3% of the total Garou population (p35).
  • WW:TA 2nd edition - Lupus account for as little as 13% of the total Garou population (p31).

So a 10% difference between editions!


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