In 5e D&D, the coven of hags gets shared spellcasting. This enables them to cast spells with a shared amount of spell slots.

My question is, when they are not in the coven, aside from their own innate spellcasting, do they get their own spell slots? I am using roll20 to source this information, and it details a spellbook at the bottom of the page, with all the spells a hag can cast - including the innate spellcasting and the coven spellcasting. This is the source of my confusion.


Nope, just the Innate Spellcasting ability (if that particular type of hag has that) which does not use slots. The spell slots are a special feature of the coven, and that feature specifically says it only works when all members of the coven are within 30 feet of each other.

I don't see anything about a spellbook — the hags do, however, have a limited list of spells, and it is perhaps an artifact of Roll20 that this list is presented as a spellbook.

The spells are described as being from the wizard spell list, and unlike the innate spellcasting, they're intelligence-based. If you, as a DM, decide to add wizard class levels to a hag following the guidance in the DMG, it would seem reasonable to put these spells in a spellbook. And even without that, a book with these spells seems like reasonable loot when defeating a coven, if you've got a spell-collecting wizard in the party.


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