Chthonic Steel says of armours made from it:

Chthonic armor and shields negate magic missile spells that target the wearer in a manner similar to the shield spell.

How would this fare against Mythic Magic Missile:

The damage dealt by each missile increases to 2d4+1. The missiles bypass the shield spell and similar effects that block the non-mythic version of this spell.

Most of my hesitation in stating "MMM bypasses the protection afforded by the chthonic steel" stems from the vague nature of the text in the steel description.
Is there a section of text that better clarifies the intent of this quality?


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Chtonic Steel is of no help against a mythic magic missile.

  • 1 (General case): the magic missile goes to your target and inflict damages.

  • 2 (Specific case): exception to 1: if the target is protected by magic shield, the missile is blocked

  • 3 (More specific case): exception to 2: if the missile is mythic, even if the target is protected by a shield or any similar effects the missile is not blocked

Chtonic Steel is not a more specific case of 3, it is a variation on 2. It specifically calls being similar to magic shield so 3 can still take precedence over it.

There is here no doubt possible in that it wouldn't block a mythic magic missile, no vague line that suggests it, nothing. On this point it is, as the description states, not better than a classic magic shield.

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    \$\begingroup\$ "The missiles bypass the shield spell and similar effects" ... alrighty then. I suppose that could have been read with a closer scrutiny. \$\endgroup\$ Dec 6, 2017 at 15:57

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