Wild Magic Surges may only trigger after casting a sorcerer spell of 1st level or higher. By default, sorcerers cannot cast spells as rituals, but if they take the Ritual Caster feat, they can (for the list of a chosen class, including sorcerer).

My question is : provided that a Wild Mage takes the Ritual Caster feat with the sorcerer class option (there are 4 sorcerer rituals in total : Detect Magic, Comprehend Languages, Water Breathing and Water Walk), can he then trigger Wild Magic Surges upon casting either of these 4 spells as a ritual ?


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Performing a ritual is still casting a spell (you even have to take the Cast a Spell action every turn). Since the Wild Magic Surge feature does not limit it to "when you cast a sorcerer spell with a 1st or higher level spell slot", any form of casting a sorcerer spell can trigger it.


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