How does a spirit escape combat (in the Penumbra without utilizing any specific escape Charms) in Werewolf: the Apocalypse?

What action does it take, and when, what does it roll against what trait or target number, and what does it have to possibly evade (i.e. how might a standard garou opponent prevent its escape)?

It's the 2nd edition of W:tA mechanics that I'm primarily interested in, but any other would do as well. (Not The Forsaken, though, of course.)

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I think I've finally found the answer - it was hidden in plain sight in the WWtA 2nd edition core rulebook, on page 239, under "Pursuit in the Umbra".

I didn't look into that right away upon skimming the headings back before asking this Q because I didn't think I'd find escaping incorporated into that section as well.

"When a spirit or a Garou tries to flee the battle, use the Pursuit rules on pg.213; the fleeing or chasing spirit rolls its Willpower (...)" is how it begins, and it does cover the points I was looking for. (I'm not going to cite the section / rules here in their entirety to save space and for copyright reasons.)


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