The life phases of a dragon in 5th edition D&D are:

  • Egg
  • Wyrmling
  • Young
  • Adult
  • Ancient

Given that a dragon lives for at the least 15-ish centuries, up to I think well over two thousand years, how long does each phase of their life last?


Dragon Age Categories

  • Wyrmling (5 years or less)
  • Young (6-100 years)
  • Adult (101-800 years)
  • Ancient (801 years or more)

From 5e MM p.86

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If you break it down:

Dragon (min-max) - Human

Wyrmling (0-5) 0 - 2

Very Young (6-15) 2 - 6

Young (16-25) 6 - 10

Juvenile (26-50) 10 - 15

Young Adult (50-100) 15 - 20 (Age that eggs may be produced)

Adult (101-200) 20 - 30

Mature Adult (201-400) 30 - 40

Old (401-600) 40 - 55

Very Old (601-800) 55 - 70

Ancient (801-1000) 70 - 80 (Female egg laying usually ends)

Wyrm (1001-1200) 80 - 90

Great Wyrm (1201-4400) 90+

  • It is noted in the Draconomicon that each dragon has a maximum age before the period of "Twilight" when rapid deterioration occurs. Whites die at the earliest around 2100 years while Gold dragons live to be the longest at about 4400 years (Dragonomicon: pages 10 - 15)
  • Most of this comes from the Dragonomicons (relating to age and approximate human equivalents) and their explanation of the twilight period, as well as the Monster Manuals
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