I am a new DM on DnD 5e. I have DM'd a bit of Lost Mines of Phandalver, and played some DnD. But recently, I created a new campaign for my players.

I made a map (thank you, Gimp), created a backstory, made a world, and the players (first timers, but enjoy fantasy) had fun, and they want more.

What I would like is a place where I can spell out my story and plot ideas and get feedback on it. Is it good, does it work, what can I do better, what are possible points of failure?

Here's a skeleton plot:

  • The world is relatively 'young' and unexplored.
  • Humans and Drow are rivals. They are both expansionist, hence they clashed, waged a costly war, ended in ceasefire.
  • Henceforth, Human/ Drow areas of interest were marked, and in between them were buffer states with halflings, Elves, etc.
  • Now, human population growth being what it is (and a 'loose' immigration policy) means that Humans need to expand. Drow and Humans agree on a colony location for Humans.
  • This colony prospers. Looks like it's getting rich on mines and wheat.
  • Enter goblins. Thieves, they've been stealing weapons/ iron/ ore.
  • Enter adventurers.
  • Goblins are evil? Kill em!
  • here's where I introduce complexity - Goblins are tribes, some tribes are being dominated by the Drow, who want to use them as proxys to raid humans and whittle down their new colony.
  • Some goblin tribes don't want to join Drow (loss of independence, exploitation concerns), but they're hard pressed in battle. They look to humans for concessions.
  • Humans are plagued by a distrust of goblins (due to having fought their southern cousins..) so who knows if they'll make concessions.

And that's as far as I've got.

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I've seen quite a few people ask for feedback on the appropriate Reddit pages.

Giant in the playground (Neat collection of RPG oriented comics) has an impressive forum, with a dedicated section for homebrew.


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