I recently started playing Corvus Belli's Infinity RPG (based on their tabletop miniatures game IP). I was looking at the weapon sizes and trying to see if there were any rules in the Core book or Player's Guide covering using 2 pistols or 2 1-handed knives and making attacks with both at the same time, as other RPG systems might cover (dual-wielding or two-weapon attacks in other systems). Nothing stood out to me in the indexes, item or combat sections covering this. Is there a rules section that I have overlooked?


There are not specific rules for dual-wielding in the Player's Guide

There don't appear to be an rules that explicitly deal with dual wielding in the Players Guide. As best I can tell, dual wielding is mentioned exactly once, in the Quick Draw talent.

There are some general rules that could provide some mechanics to back up a narrative depiction of dual wielding, but they would work the same with a single weapon. Your options are:

  1. Spending 2 Momentum (or Heat) to perform a Swift Action, which will allow you make a second Standard Action at increased difficulty.
  2. Spending an Infinity Point to take a Bonus Action, which allows to you make a second Standard Action (not at increased difficulty).
  3. This one is very loose, even from a narrative perspective, but using the Return Fire reaction.

A non-RAW solution for ranged weapons would be to treat the second pistol as granting +1 Burst to the first pistol. Since Burst simulates sending more bullets downrange, and that's what the second pistol allows.


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