Archipelago III has ritual phrases other players can say while you are narrating. With a live (or even virtual) tabletop, where the interaction is real-time, this works fine. But some of the phrases (like That Might Not Be So Easy or Harder or Try a Different Way) seem like they work better if you are able to interrupt the narrating player. They could cause a lot of retconning and backtracking in a play-by-post game. For example, if someone wrote a long post and you wanted to apply Try A Different Way to something early in the post, or if you wanted to veto something about the element you own. Is there a way to make this game flow better in the play-by-post format?

I've looked but haven't found any examples of Archipelago III play-by-post games to see how it's been done in the past. (The link in this answer is broken to an after-play report, not a play-by-post game.)


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