In games "Powered by the Apocalypse" (PbtA) it's customary that the GM never rolls any dice, that all the die rolls are handled by the players.

Are there any PbtA games where the GM ever rolls for a move? I'm looking for something that:

  • has been available for sale, and
  • claims itself to be either a PbtA game or to be derived from Apocalypse World (the one that started PbtA games)
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Yes, those exist

...look no further than Apocalypse World itself, the second edition in particular.

V-harm as established is the attacking car's massive minus the defending car's massive or handling, defender's choice.

When you suffer v-harm, roll+v-harm suffered. ...

Whoever suffers V-harm, whether PC or NPC, has to make that move. This is the sole case in the core Apocalypse World moves when a roll is made for an NPC, and the rules state the MC can perform the rolling for their characters. In practice, it doesn't matter whether the roll is made by the MC or some other player, naturally.

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