Quaking (Weapon Master's Handbook pg. 30)

This special ability can be placed only on melee bludgeoning weapons. The wielder of a quaking weapon can strike the ground as a standard action to perform a trip combat maneuver that applies to all foes within a 5-foot-radius spread, a 10-foot cone, or a 20-foot line along the ground. The wielder can trip creatures of any size this way. This trip maneuver attempt provokes attacks of opportunity unless the wielder has some feat or ability that prevents it, and the wielder can never be knocked prone as a result of failing this special trip combat maneuver check.

Emphasis mine.

Le't say that Bob the Brawler has a magic Mace, with the Quaking Enhancement. He also has, Dexterity 20, Combat Reflexes (for a total of 6 AoO per round), Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp (with all their pre-requisites).

Now, let's assume Bob the Brawler is surrounded by 8 enemies!

The question: Does quaking trigger Greater Trip? Allowing Bob and his allies to make AoO against those enemies, or only Bob's Vicious Stomp would be triggered?


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You get to apply the normal benefit of trip-related feats/abilities you have when you use the Quaking power.

Functionally, the weapon enables you to make a special trip combat manoeuvre which has different targeting (allowing you to effect all targets in a given area and targets of any size) and negates the counter-trip possibility, but is in all other respects a normal trip attempt. It even specifically clarifies that you'd normally provoke an AoO despite this being a special weapon power, unless you've got a feat/ability which prevents that - so it follows that any other trip-related abilities you have can be applied to this trip attempt too. You would make your check including the bonus from Improved Trip/Greater Trip, you don't provoke AoOs, and your enemies will provoke AoOs from Greater Trip if you successfully trip them.


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