So I'm absolutely new to this site, so I'm sorry if I'm wrong for posting this. I just finished reading Chapter 2 of Storm King's Thunder. And after reading all the side quests and reading a bunch of stuff online, I get the idea that this campaign is pretty much giant sandbox that doesn't actually give you much in what to do to get the players to try to stop the giants, and at the very end the Ordning is still shattered! So I've already been homebrewing a bunch of stuff to throw in with the campaign so at the end they can basically go on this adventure to fix the Ordning. I'm using information pulled from the realms wiki page about deities and such. But I was just trying to figure out if there's a specific campaign that anyone has used or thinks would be best to tie in with SKT to continue afterwards. I was thinking of doing Rise of Tiamat and basically destroy the timeline of things since none of my players are too in tune with that with D&D. I'm also a new DM and feel like I'm probably overthinking everything.


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