We are looking for small creatures that can serve as frequent messengers between PCs and their factions or sponsors during an adventure. Consider owls like in Harry Potter which seemed to be able to travel farther than regular birds and could also always find exactly the person to whom they were delivering.

Traits that would optimize a creature for delivering messages include:

  • Speed/Translocation: The greater the speed, the better the creature. Owls in Potter seemed to travel virtually any distance. Gates? Teleport? Skills with either might be ideal.
  • Discernment: The more that the creature can find its intended recipient - the better the creature. Like dogs trained on the scent of a shirt.
  • Non-sentient (or only mildly so): The more a creature is a commodity that everyone can use (rather than a precious sentient being) the better.
  • Discreetness: The smaller the messenger the better so it can get through small windows or doors unobstrusively, quietly or invisibly to reach the PCs each day (i.e. think of Dobby the house elf)
  • Two Way Communication: A great messenger would be one that can return with a message as well.

If a matching creature doesn’t exist, using the “skinning” guidelines would be acceptable (similar to how Constructs in adventures are often listed as “use stats for X”) rather than making up a new creature.

In sum, what is/are the best creatures with a constellation of talents that could be “skinned” to serve as effective in-game messengers (akin to Potter’s owl)?

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What distances are we talking about? A skeleton, per Animate Dead has a move of 30', but is immune to exhaustion, which means that while traveling, it can Dash with every action, and run 24 hours a day. This allows a skeleton to deliver a message up to 144 miles away in one day. These could be maybe reskinned as the skeletons of small animals.

The magic item Sending Stones allows for one Message sent per day; perhaps those could be reskinned as messenger animals.

Ethereal travel is fast, at least in some worlds; maybe use cute little baby Phase Spiders.

The Homonculous maintains a psychic link to its creator, who can perceive all it does, but it cannot speak. Maybe a homonculous with a little chalkboard travels with the party.


Reskin sending, and make it look like a Kirit.

The CCC rules don't mention spells directly, but the idea of reskinning without changing mechanics appears frequently in the CCC texts. With that in mind, I'd suggest reskinning the existing sending spell. It meets all of your requirements: it's a short, textual message, it doesn't rely on a sentient messenger, it's undetectable through normal means, and it's instantaneous, regardless of distance.

What I'd suggest is that, on some schedule you dictate, a Bedine contact of the players casts a custom version of sending that requires a Kirit as a focus. When cast, this version of the spell sends the Kirit to the party instantly, where they can receive the message and send one back

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