This is my first time creating a character in Savage Worlds, so I'm confused on how the attribute points work. I have the core rule book and I have played before, but it was with pre-generated characters. We have five points to spend with it stating that all the attributes start at a d4. That part makes sense, but what are the points used for with this?

It also states that we have 15 points to use for skills. How does that work as well?

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The attributes (Agility, Smarts, Strength, Spirit and Vigor) all start at d4. During character creation, you can use five points to raise your attributes by one die type at a time: from d4 to d6, from d6 to d8, and so on up to d12.

The skills start at untrained, which is rolled as d4 with a -2 penalty. You can use the 15 skill points to train your skills. Advancing a skill from untrained to d4 costs one point. After that, you can advance a skill by one die type up to d12 for one skill point per die type, as long as the skill's die type does not surpass its linked attribute (eg. Agility for Shooting). To advance a skill above its linked attribute, you must spend two points per die type.

You can get additional skill points or increase your attribute die further by choosing Hindrances during character creation, and will gain more later as your character gains experience.

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