I have been reading several archetypes and I ran across an archetype called Weapon Bearer Squire whose ability description reads as follows:

At 1st level, once per round, a knight can retrieve an item carried by his weapon bearer squire as a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. In addition, a weapon bearer squire can pick up items dropped by her knight as an immediate action without provoking attacks of opportunity.

However, I am not sure which class the ability refers to as the knight.


This archetype requires a lot of context. In Knights of the Inner Sea, the Weapon Bearer Squire archetype and other 'Squire' archetypes are presented as ways to customize the NPC you gain via the Squire feat.

The book text prefacing the Squire feat talks about a number of different Knightly Orders in the Golarion setting for Pathfinder (there are seven defined political orders plus some religious orders). It also has this important bit of clarification:

A character may gain the aid of a squire by becoming a member of a knightly order and taking the Squire feat. The squire must be a member of the same order as the knight.

Therefore, in the Golarion setting, the 'Knight' being referred to by this archetype is the Player Character that takes the Squire feat and is a member of a knightly order.

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