In one of the campaigns I play an evil wizard. My PC recently learnt the spell lesser planar binding. I'm considering binding a cacodaemon to my service and having it use its supernatural ability soul lock on my PC's defeated foes, capturing their souls in soul gems.

I'd like my PC to use these gems as currency when my PC again uses lesser planar binding. Do soul gems have a value listed anywhere?


Horsemen of the Apocalypse says a soul gem can have a value of anywhere between 10 gp and 5,000 gp or more

As the description of the value of soul gems in Horsemen (2011) runs over 500 words starting on page 30, it's too long to reproduce here for critique or review, but, in short, the soul gems generated by a cacodaemon's supernatural ability soul lock have a value relative to the strength of the captured soul that's anywhere from 10 gp for souls like those of mindless oozes to 5,000 gp for souls like those of powerful dragons to priceless for souls epic heroes. In short, the soul gem's value depends on what soul's in it.

In the Daemon's listing

  • Mindless Spirits (10 gp)
  • Animal Spirits (25 gp)
  • Basic Soul (100 gp)
  • Noteworthy Soul (500 gp)
  • Grand Soul (1000–5000 gp)
  • Unique Soul (priceless)
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