In SWSE, the armor bonus is supposed to be part of the Reflex defense, but the numbers don't add up. For example, the YT-2400 has an armor of +15. According to what I'm reading, the calculation should go:

10 + Dex bonus + Armor bonus + size modifier

For the YT-2400, this (ostensibly) adds like this:

10 + 4 + 15 - 5 = 24

However, the listed Reflex defense is 19.

Similar discrepancies occur with other stats and with other ships.

Can anyone explain this?

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OK! Figured it out! It took a bunch of digging, link-clicking, and page-turning, but I realized what I was doing wrong.

First, I was using the wrong size modifier; anything of any Colossal size gets a -10 to its Reflex defense. Period. (I was using -5).

The size modifier to Damage Threshold for this size vessel is +50.

And the modifier to Grapple is +20.

Too many different numbers for my brain to track, apparently. Good to go now. :)


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